Want to be a piercer? An honest post.

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I have recently been getting a lot of enquiries about becoming a piercer which is great! New blood in the industry is something that is always needed to mix things up. However let me first start by saying that piercing isn't just picking up a needle and going for it with another human.

A lovely young lady stands out after contacting me as another piercer gave her the information that a piercing course is 'the best route into the industry'.

Unfortunately, that just isn't true, and often piercers with little knowledge, or out dated knowledge will think that. Body piercing is something that is often portrayed as looking easy because of people on tiktok etc. doing videos of home piercing. It is very easy to see things like this and assume it is easy to do, and I understand why.

The thing is people don't often get to see inside piercing and what actually goes on and what it entails. I'll say it now. If you don't want the truth and want to carry on thinking its easy, then do not read any more. If you are serious about the industry then please, carry on!

People who want to become piercers need to realise that getting into the industry is often hard work. People don't leave school and expect to spend a week training to be the manager of a bank and walk straight into it. It is the same with body piercing. To think in a week you know everything and are safe to pierce then you shouldn't be a piercer at all. It shows you have 0 understanding of the fundamentals behind the industry. 

Firstly, I would look into the history of the modification world. That might sound strange, however understanding how piercing became what it is now is such an important part of being the best at what you do. It builds the passion and fire for the industry. An industry that runs deeper than arguing over piercing guns.

After this, I would do research. Not just your local piercers, but joining apprentice job forums, read what people say about learning, see how other studios work and what goes on. Talk to local piercers, ask questions when you are getting pierced. Build a rapport. Do not be tempted to send every single studio a "can I have an apprenticeship" message as simply put, not all studios are created equally. 

Understand why you want to get into piercing - This is SO important.

If you struggle to find an apprenticeship, be prepared to look out of your area. If you want it, you will find it! Giving up quick and deciding to do a potentially dangerous course will not help you in the long run. 

Apprenticeships should be paid. You shouldn't be paying for it. It should ideally last at least a year and cover every single aspect of piercing. This includes anatomy, first aid, BBP, metals and troubleshooting to name a few. 

Piercing courses often give you the false sense of security that once you have done it, you know everything, which simply is not true. A few days to a week can genuinely not cover everything and you will not be piercing safely. Piercing a person involves breaking multiple layers of skin, and inserting a foreign body. The risk of infection is potentially very high in the wrong hands. Things such as veins and arteries, illnesses that may affect bleeding and healing are things that will throw up certain scenarios that an unproperly trained piercer can not safely complete. 

Piercing also has another side. You will have clients that will genuinely pour their heart out to you. This is something I am used to, and will support them as I have the experience, but if you aren't mentally prepared for the extras that come with the job, then again, you need to think.

People pass out, I have had vomit, people who have lost control of their bodily functions after passing out, excessive bleeding due to undisclosed medications, people being verbally abusive after being I.D'd. You also have the risk of needle sticks and such profession based accidents.

I feel it will seem I am trying to paint it as a bad thing to get into, but I am not. I just want people to fully understand what it involves and how to correctly, safely and honestly get into it, before paying £1000's for a course. I will also add that courses are not actually a genuine thing for piercing. They mean nothing in terms of actual qualifications. 

So please, think. Don't just end up being another course piercer. Be passionate. Help the industry become better. 

x Denise x

UKAPP and APP websites have good information on become a piercer.


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