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I have seen a lot of posts online as well as the odd comment (after recieving our service however..... we do not get quationed any more :P) in regards to piercing prices. Not just with us, but in general.

I thought I would make this blog post to try and explain why we charge, what we do.

I have 19 years of experience. In that time I have done medical training, worked for the NHS, as well as done extra course directly related to body piercing and updating techniques. So, you are paying for experience, training and my extensive knowledge.

I am a UKAPP member. Currently I am the only one within North East Lincolnshire. This means I am working above what is expected from the local council. Jewellery I am using is industry standard and safe. Everything I do has been looked into by a collection of well respected people within the industry and I have followed their required criteria. 

We rent the entire premises. With that comes gas and elctricity, water rates, tax, 3 different insurances, music licenses, waste collection, hazardous waste collection, needle bin collection, internet and phone rental, card machine rental, website rental, booking system payments (we pay for every single booking made, and also the deposit and full payment has charges), window cleaner. Then, we have other things like cleaning products, toileteries, aftercare that we give with oral piercings, bags for aftercare, stickers and treats for kids ear piercings, first aid courses, fire safty checks, gas safety checks (yup! we even pay this! NOT the landlord). So, thats the basics with some missing even before the piercing side of things......

Now add everything on top we use to pierce, then the extras linked to it. Also then add on the fact we only use industry standard jewellery now. Again, something not being offered anywhere else currently locally. 

So all of that, plus a wage for myself..... 

Is it really that expensive?


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