Nemesis Now

Grimsby based... alternative by nature.

We are a local professional body piercing studio, and alternative gift shop.

At Labyrinth we want you to remain alternative.

Brands we currently stock include Qualiti, Stargazer and Nemesis Now... plus loads more.

We have an extensive range of alternative ornaments and accessories.

Our main Piercer Denise has over 17 years experience within the field, covering all aspects of body piercing including genitals and dermal anchors. 

We are registered with the local environmental health and also first aid trained. Certificates are on show as well as a portfolio of piercings.

In house anodising is also now available. 

Latest News

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

So, as you know we are primarily a body piercing studio! And bringing you some amazing jewellery is on our list of things to add to the site. Its a...
All things new.... and professional.

All things new.... and professional.

So, as you know we have had our fair share of hiccups when it comes to our (now old!!) website. Shoes overselling on big launches, items vanishing....