Pins and Needles

Posted by Denise Thompson on

So, as you know we are primarily a body piercing studio! And bringing you some amazing jewellery is on our list of things to add to the site. Its a work in progress, as at the minute we are in the process of getting some really big jewellery companies on board.

This is exciting for us, as it is not something that has been seen in the local area for a VERY long time.

We have already made some huge changes, including swapping over from the usual cannula needles to blades, we also spent money on having the sterilisation room separated from the main piercing studio. This means we are way ahead of what is required of us from the local council.

Jewellery is now of a higher standard, and we also offer cans of sterile saline solution from #neilmed. These are just a small handful of changes we have implemented of the last few months, and don't expect it to end there.

We have big ideas, and changes are coming.......

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