Long time no Covid?

Posted by Denise Thompson on

So, we are still in the throws of a pandemic that seems to be a path of world domination. 

I havent done one of these in a while. Mainly due to being too busy combined with my lack of motivation after hours! So, I thought I would update you on all things Labyrinth.

We have been busy at the shop and studio since reopening from lockdown. Predominantly making the place safe for us and you, but also updating things like the piercing studio as well.  I am in the process of better myself in the profession I have been in for litrally half of my life now... (I feel old!!!) I have updated my learning drastically, as well as done some extra training to refresh.

As it stands we also arent doing oral piercings, as I dont feel its quiet safe enough yet to be playing with peoples spit... I will however keep everyone updated when this changes.

We have old brands back in like Spiral especially for the guys, as well as a whole shed of new body jewellery and Nemesis Now stock. We actually have more NN arriving tomorrow!!! LOADS of ace gothic items for your home.


Anyway.... we love you long time.


Denise and John T

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