Ear lobes are a big deal

Posted by Denise Thompson on

You are 5 years old and tell your parents you want your ears piercing...

Doesnt seem like much on the surface, until you pick it apart. Ear piercing is one of the first, if not the first time a child will actually give consent for something to be done to their body. This is a huge time, and we think it is something that deserves so much more lime light. 

It is important for the child to fully understand what is going to be going on before, during and after the procedure. Not just to stop them being scared, but so they also realise just how important this is for them!

At Labyrinth, you may notice that we ask multiple times if the child is alright. "I am about to clean your ears, is that ok?" as an example. I find this is exceptionally important to do! This is not my body to touch without asking. Regardless of the age, or even the fact that it is "just" ear piercing. I want your child to feel fully in control. This also means I won't be accepting a child to be bribed into having the procedure done, and also I wont be allowing them to be held down against their will to have the seond lobe done. 

Your ears, your rules, YOUR body. Not mine. Not the parents/guardians. THEIRS.


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