Its not all doom and gloom

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Lockdown has been hard. Specifically this one.... the third. Its been mentally hard. However, we have all carried on fighting and waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel. In a massive bid to keep active, we decided to expand the business! All of the ongoing support of our amazing customers over the years has meant they we have been able to take on the property above us on Brighowgate. So not only do we have the ground floor, but we now also have the first floor as well!!

What this means for you is... we have a BIGGER piercing studio, a tattooist joining the team and also a hair colouring and correction specialist!! We also have one more suprise, but I am keeping that one under wraps until things are finalised.

Anyway, what else can you epxect. New jewellery, I have done more training and bettered my own knowledge on a vast arrey of areas. I have also been working more within a healthcare setting during the lockdowns which has given me a whole host of other bits of knowledge to put under my belt and pass on the rewards to you. 

There will also be a few tweeks to piercing and jewellery for the better.... FOREVER LEARNING!!!

Even after 18 years of being in the industry, learning never stops. Times change and so do techniques and standards.

Anyway... its nearly April! and nearly time to reopen. So ill see you on the other side xxxxxxx

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