Why Choose Us?

Professionalism, quality and safety are what we thrive on. Our head piercer is a member of the UKAPP (United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers). This means that we are operating to a higher set of regulations than if we had only been checked by the EHO.

We are registered with the local Environmental Health Department. We are fully insured and continually learning through attending piercing related seminars with UK based governing bodies. 

Denise, our studios head piercer has been working within the industry for over 20 years as well as the healthcare department. In this time, she has made sure she keeps up to date with all of the safest practices and completed extra training to ensure she remains up to date with practices. 

All body jewellery is above the current EU nickel directive suggestions, and we carry brands such as Industrial Strength, Junipurr, Peoples jewellery, Inari Organics and Tish Lyon.

Our studio features a HEPA air filter which aids to the clients safe.

All jewellery used for the initial piercing process as well as what is being sold is internally threaded or threadless, which means your piercing has the best chance at healing and in a quicker time.

Safety and Quality will not be compromised at any cost.