18k Yellow Gold Diamond lightening bolt. 1.2mm internally threaded.

  • €205,95

3 lab grown Diamonds, clear, crisp and individually handset in a 18k solid yellow gold lighening bolt shape.

This is of the highest standards of body jewellery. It forms part of our standard gold collection within Labyrinth. The gold is solid and not plated in anyway. The thread of the attachment is internal 1.2mm so will fit a wide variety of quality bars. The piece itself is suited to various piercing positions including; but not limited to the conch or helix. 

We recommend seeking a professional piercing studio to fit this item to ensure it is correctly fastened. We can recommend someone local to you, or if you are local to us obviously we would provide this service. 

Why lab grown Diamonds?

Lab grown/man made Diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The main point however, for us, is that they are ethically created. The need for mining has been completely removed however the product and the quality we expect is the same.