Real stone ball closure rings from Industrial Strength.

  • £26.00

Genuine stone set in titanium attachment from Industrial Strength. 

Niobium hand made ring from Apex supplied.

This is suitable for the daith. Please specify if you would require a 1.2mm ring or a 1.6mm ring with the attachment. If nothing is added to the notes, we will send 1.2mm x 10mm.

This can be prepurchased prior to a piercing at Labyrinth. If you are booked for a daith with us, just add a note in the comments and we will have the jewellery saved for you.

Amethyst - Known for healing.

Jade - Known for good luck and friendship.

Mother of pearl - Known for protection.

Abalone (Paua shell) - Known to help with finding clarity.

Moon stone - Known for inner growth and strength.