Industrial Strength internal Swarovski Zirconia top. Pick size.

  • £35.00

Stunning Swarovski Zirconia prong-set internally threaded top from Industrial Strength.

Implant grade titanium so designed for long term wear.

Suitable for the daith or septum. Please ensure you know what size your current jewellery is prior to making this purchase. If you require any help at all please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to ensure this jewellery is right for you. 

Guarantee for life on the gemstones against defects. 

Comes in a gift box and supplied with an 8mm labret bar. 

2mm and 2.5mm are suited to a nose piercing.

3mm suited to most ear piercings.

4mm suited to most ear piercing and also lip piercings.

5mm suited to specific ear piercings such as the conch. A real statement stone.