Layby information

Layby? What is that you may ask!

Well.... Its easy really.

We know how hard it can be to pay for expensive items, when life has you paying out bills or even when you want to get mum or dad a gift and you don't have all of the money in one go.

This is where Labyrinth Layby (LL) comes into play. We allow you to select the items you would like, then pay them off over a set period of time. This can be anywhere up to 6 weeks. We do not charge interest on this service. All we ask in return is that you keep us posted if you have any issues making repayments.

The first £10 you pay is a restocking fee. If you cancel your plan, we reserve the right to keep this first £10 in order to make up for the space your items have taken, and also for the value that could potentially be lost whilst we have them off sale.

The items remain the property of Labyrinth until they are paid for in full.

We reserve the right to cancel a layby plan if payments are not kept up to date.

Please make sure you can afford the items before accepting into an agreement.