Covid - 19 updates.

Keep checking here for any updates in regards to the shop and studio.

The shop is now open for sales and bookings. We have a limit on customers who can enter the store, markings outside of you are waiting as well as floor signs. 

On entry to Labyrinth we have multiple hand sanitiser pumps for you to use. Staff have access to masks and we advise you to also wear one. 

Everything customers come into contact with his cleaned down on a frequent basis such as handles etc. 

We are not allowing the trying in of clothing however if you purchase something and there is an issue it can be returned and will be put into quarantine for 48 hours.

A new risk assessment has been carried out based on the Pandemic and staff have been updated on this. 

Currently due to government law we can not offering a piercing service which includes the changing of jewellery. 

We are doing piercings except oral piercings.