Shopping small pays!

Posted by Denise Thompson on

Firstly, i'd like to thank everyone who does and has shopped with us. It means the world to us.

We are small, we are like a micro business lol. We opened to basically cater for the people like us, who couldn't always afford the shoes, or afford the fancy Gothic statue! We opened with low prices in mind and lay-by so we could help as many people as we could.

This is a business model that isn't perfect from a profit point, but perfect to us from a customer and in time friend point!

So, shoes!!! We have just had our Xmas stock come in, and we need you all more than ever. We went up to a 43 in everything we could and down to a 36 as well! So we hope we catered to you all. My favourites from this collection so far, are the red lazy rivers. Simply put, they are STUNNING. Followed by the shoes I forgot..... FLUFFY DUCKS!!!! I'm going to get a live video done of these for the you-tube channel and also get images with them on my feet!! Anyway, this was a quick ramble as i'm tired and sleepy atm.

Any help needed on lay-by give me a shout over at Facebook!

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