New high end body jewellery!!

Posted by Denise Thompson on

Evening! So as you may know, or not! We had been on about getting in some big boy piercing jewellery brands for a few years.... however, we wasn't sure if there would be interest or not.

Well, we went away last week and came home with not just one huge brand but 2!!! 

Industrial Strength and Anatometal join Labyrinth and we are excited.

We are the only studio in the area to give customers the chance of owning some genuine Swarovski crystals in a piece of piercing jewellery from these guys, as well as the likes of 18k gold and higher than standard implant grade titanium.

The jewellery is hand made, and guaranteed for life.

Our main focus is trying to get people to understand that jewellery is being inserted into your body! So buying 99p jewellery, or replicas of these big brands is never good! We remove bad jewellery on a weekly basis, or see the after effects of some thing that has reacted badly in a piercing.

You wouldn't expect a surgeon to use mystery metal in a knee replacement, so don't put yourself through the same ordeal with your holes!

Think before you buy, and avoid bad jewellery.

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