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With a designer (Dan) who has such an imagination, I cant even begin to imagine what he will come up with next. 

I know the urge to know whats coming, whats next and when is at times overwhelming, but trust me when I say. The wait is well worth it.


Cinderella.... I cant say a lot as, I dont want to give "the trick" away, BUT... WOW. 


Coming from a not so large Disney fan, I was expecting well, just something. Something that would surprise me, as do all of Dans designs, but, this is different. He has managed to take a non disney fan and make them want them all. 

All of the shoes are amazing, and I promise even the hardest to please will be blown away. The collection is a stunner, and I'm going to say it will rival Alice.... 


If you could imagine the most beautiful shoes, with added IC this is them.


Dan has well and truely done it again.


Denise xxxxxxxxxxx

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